About Us


Supreme Care is a vibrant in-home care provider in Victoria. 

We offer a broad range of support services to help elderly and younger people with disability  to maintain their independence and lifestyle and enhance their quality of life at home. We have an enviable reputation for the quality of our services and the open and transparent relationships we build with our clients; we provide personalised attention and good, old fashioned customer service in the community.

At Supreme Care, we have a strong commitment to quality care and client satisfaction. We work extensively with a diverse range of government subsidised community care programs, both at the Commonwealth and State level and we also offer a wide range of private fee-for-service support options as well.





How do we help carers and their loved ones?

We support a large number of elderly and younger people with disabilities  to continue living independently at home in their local communities. Just as important as providing care to our clients is the respite care we provide for the carers themselves, enabling them to have a well-earned break from their caring role.

At Supreme Care, our role is  to provide the support that is so necessary to the elderly and younger individuals with disability community members. We help them to achieve their own personal goals, so that they can enhance their own lives and maintain as much control as possible over their lives.

To this end, we not only provide help with your daily activities, but we also help you to remain connected to your community, friends and relatives, reducing your social isolation and helping you to live as independently as possible.

Our focus is to support you to live as independently and actively as possible, regardless of age or disability. We all deserve the opportunity to live the best life we can and to receive whatever help we need to enhance our quality of life, whenever it is needed.


Our staff are fully qualified and experienced

Supreme Care provides employment to a large number of local people who possess a diverse range of skills, including Certificate III and IV in Aged Care and Disability qualifications, enrolled nurses, registered clinical nurses, Translators and allied health professionals.