Team Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the principles of Person Cantered Care and by promoting individuality, privacy, dignity, rights, independence, partnership, choice and respect for all our customers.

It is by listening to the views of our customers and their families, our staff, professionals that use our services and independent observers that we know how we are doing and how we can improve the services we provide.

We listen…

to our customers, residents and families. 
We ask our customers and their families regularly about what they think of our services and they tell us what they like and what we can do better.

to our staff
We ask our staff to reflect on how we actually provide care and support and ask them to think how we can provide a better service for our customers.

to professionals
We listen to what our partners tell us they want and work hard to deliver services that they need.

to independent professionals
We value independent professionals working in the care sector and welcome their observations on the services we deliver and ways we can improve care that we provide to our customers.

We know that delivering excellent care requires a wide range of people working closely together with a shared aim. This aim is to ensure that what we do ensures that the customer receives the highest quality care and support for their assessed individual needs.



Supreme Care is committed to helping people in and around the home. We achieve this by providing a range of quality services that will assist people to maintain their independence and lifestyle. In so doing, we will enhance our clients’ quality of life.

We satisfy the needs of our clients by acting in a caring, responsive, and professional manner. Supreme Care recognises the individuality of its clients and we treat them with dignity and respect.

We satisfy the expectations of our staff by remaining honest, open, and fair. Supreme Care respects the integrity of its staff and values their opinions.

Supreme Care  achieves business success by remaining committed to its ideals. These ideals recognise the humanity of the company’s clients and the calibre of its staff.