Referral and Intake

At Supreme Care, we believe in providing high quality of individual service to our clients and it starts even before first meet and greet session. By downloading the referral forms below, you can provide all the necessary information for us to start Intake procedure. Once the referral form is filled and returned, our lovely team member would call the participant and get thing started. Once we identify what support our prospective client is looking for, we work with the them, their support coordinator and/or representatives to finalize a budget. Once paperwork is finalized, we start scheduling the appointments and within 24 hours our dedicated support workers can be working with the participant.

Assigning Support Worker

We match the requirement of our client with the qualification and experience of our staff members and assign them accordingly. Throughout first few visits, we receive feedback from our clients to identify areas where the support worker may be lacking or if a different support worker is more desirable. Up on identifying areas where our staff lacks, we design a training session to help our staff fill in the gap in their performance. Through continous improvement, two way communication and individualised care for both our client and staff, we ensure that our client receives a high quality of service and our staff members have higher motivation and job satisfaction.