Art Exploration

Talent.  Expression.  Fulfillment.

Art exploration and activities for seniors with  disabilities.

Creative expression is one way people convey their uniqueness. Supreme Care encourages people with disabilities to cultivate their avenues of self expression through art exploration and activities programs.  Our programs for senior-age adults with disabilities  helps them express themselves through a variety of art forms.  our art programs are especially attractive to seniors with disabilities who want to expand their leisure activity options during this time of their lives. The chance to be creative provides seniors with the freedom to explore new avenues of self-expression and personal growth.

Artistic expression is a powerful outlet for personal and social development.  Our art exploration program encourages seniors with disabilities to participate in activities that develop and enhance their artistic talents. We offer programs for adults with  disabilities, intellectual and developmental disability (IDD), autism spectrum disorder, and traumatic brain injury. Clients are supported at the level they need, including using adaptive equipment to allow full participation in mixed media arts.


Autism Spectrum Disorders

Structure.  Social Skills.  Vocation Skills.

Services for seniors with autism spectrum disorder.

Many seniors with autism spectrum disorder desire a more independent life.  Supreme Care provides the environment and support they need to achieve that goal. Our Autism spectrum disorders program is highly structured and geared toward developing effective problem-solving techniques, as well as interpersonal/social skills and employment-related skills.


Community Exploration

Encouraged.  Appreciated.  Accepted.

Community exploration programs for senior adults with  disabilities.

Being an active part of the community improves the quality of life for seniors with  disabilities.  Supreme Care helps senior-age adults with disability,  intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), autism spectrum disorder, and traumatic brain injury be active participants in their community. Through Supreme Care seniors are active in many worthwhile activities that contribute to their community.  Our staff helps senior adults with disabilities participate in community activities at a level that meets their needs and interests.  Services provided in the community enhance or maintain each client’s physical and mental skills, including social skills for senior adults.

At Supreme Care, we believe that being involved in the community promotes independence and enhances the quality of life for people with disabilities.  Our highly trained staff members teach clients how to participate in activities and events that help them integrate with others in the local community. Our  programs and services help these individuals participate in activities that develop their social skills and promote inclusion in community life. We provide opportunities to develop relationships both inside and outside of Supreme Care,  so that clients can learn, practice and apply life skills that promote greater independence.


Community Registered Nurse 


Health management and medication administration services for seniors with disabilities.

One of the key concerns families and guardians have is making sure that when their loved one attends  training programs and services , the medication and health management needs of that person will be met.  People with intellectual and developmental disability (IDD), autism spectrum disorder and traumatic brain injury and other disabilities require careful, timely and competent administration of medications and other services, such as g-tube feedings. Maintaining the well being of our clients is paramount at Supreme Care, and we have the appropriate staff and training to meet their needs.

Supreme Care believes it is essential for clients in our  programs to function at their best, whether it is on the job or in recreation related activities. We are proud of our record of providing quality care that focuses on each client’s medication management and daily needs.  We have  Registered Nurses consultant available 24/7, 365 days a year  to provide health services.  Additionally, our other staff members are trained in important health and safety protocols, including medication administration, first aid, wound management, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, g-tube feeding and seizure care.  We  work closely with families, guardians and case managers to stay up-to-date on each client’s current status so our staff can adapt our services when a client’s needs change.


Hobbies. Friendships. Fun.

Recreation activities for seniors with disabilities.

Recreational activities and hobbies keep life interesting for seniors with disabilities, especially if they want to transition from work activities to leisure pursuits.  Supreme Care offers people with intellectual and developmental disability (IDD), autism spectrum disorder and traumatic brain injury many opportunities for enriching their lives through recreation.  We provide opportunities to pursue new interests in the areas of hobby development, community outings, recreational and volunteer activities. The goal is to provide experiences and opportunities to help senior-age people with disabilities stay engaged and active.  Supreme Care, seniors in our training programs develop lasting peer relationships and enjoy a variety of activities and sensory experiences, ranging from arts and crafts to cooking, and fitness to gardening.

Maintaining daily living skills are important to a good quality of life, especially for senior-age people with disabilities.  We help clients develop, maintain and increase their daily living and self-help skills as they age.  We offer sensory experiences to promote learning new skills and reinforce previously acquired skills.  Seniors in Supreme Care’ s  training and programs are involved in a wide range of activities, including gardening, cooking, exercise and fitness, yoga,  health and wellness, men’s and women’s social groups, bowling and community outings, volunteerism and self-advocacy

Transition Services

Assessment.  Goals.  Alternatives.

Transition services for senior adults with disabilities.

When a senior-age adult with disabilities moves to another city or state, or families and guardians are seeking support services for the first time, adjusting to this new reality is easier with a good plan.  Supreme Care provides transition planning, recreational activities, and work activities for senior-age adults with disabilities. To support a smooth transition into the wide range of adult services we work with families and guardians, care providers and community agencies to develop an individualised plan to meet that person’s needs.  For seniors, this usually means a focus on leisure and community activities to keep them engaged and active in life.  Some seniors also want work activities, and we offer options suited to their goals, energy level and abilities.

Change is difficult for anyone, but can be especially challenging to someone with disabilities, so it is important to plan ahead.  We encourage caregivers to begin discussing “What comes next?” and preparing the individual for changes to their daily routine.  Engaging us early in the transition planning process and throughout the decision making process is important so we can:

  • Meet that individual, family/guardians and/or caregivers
  • Assist the adult’s support team with transition planning
  • Work with the family/caregivers and social services to develop a transition plan that addresses specific individual needs and goals

Our staff works collaboratively with support teams, so that from their first day you enter our care, new clients experience a smooth, comfortable transition.  Our staff members coordinate with families, guardians, and social service agencies to develop a transition plan tailored to each client’s specific needs. We want every transition to be a success.


Caring.  Helping.  Sharing.

Community volunteer opportunities for senior adults with autism and other disabilities.

Volunteering is a wonderful way to stay connected to the community and to remain socially and physically active. Supreme Care recognises that volunteer activities are life enriching, both for the volunteer and those they serve.  We help senior adults with disabilities to  participate in the community as volunteers. Like all seniors, those in our programs appreciate the opportunity to do whatever they can to make our community a better place to live.

Clients at  Supreme Care give back to our community through a variety of volunteer roles, such as delivering meals on wheels, helping in elementary classrooms, making blankets for an animal shelter, and other activities.  We look for opportunities that match the interests, talents and special abilities of our volunteers. Our clients volunteering in the community are supported by highly-trained staff dedicated to helping them succeed in their chosen community service activities.